End mills are used to cut and contour molds for plastic parts, which include electric home appliances, die-casting dies for automotive parts and stamping molds.

To meet today’s demanding requirements (smaller size, lower weight and reduced cost), OSG has developed many carbide end mills that are excellent in both processing accuracy and durability.

Endmills - October 24, 2016

UVX-TI Series

OSG UVX-Ti Series

4FL/5FL carbide end mills for highly efficient Titanium alloy machining. Suppression of vibration due to unique flute design. Available as cylindrical, Weldon and Haimer SafeLock® shank version as standard.

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Endmills - October 23, 2016


AERO: High Speed Carbide End Mill for Aluminum Alloy.

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Endmills - October 21, 2016

EPS-EPL Series Volume 1

Endmills - October 20, 2016

PHX Series

OSG PHX Series

Long-neck & Bull nose end mills

Endmills - October 19, 2016

HY-PRO Carbide Milling Series

Performance Carbide TiAlN End Mills for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials